Milk & Honey


Milk & Honey Market


Branding, Art Direction

Role: Designer, art director


Milk & Honey Market exists to provide opportunity across the globe by empowering and employing women who need a second chance. From source to shelf — Milk & Honey Market focuses on ethical responsibility, relationships, and sustainability.

Existing immediately as an online fair-trade store, and expanding eventually to brick and mortar with a connected café.


Process & Ideation

Just like the women of Milk & Honey Market, the mark is sweet, but rough around the edges. The ampersand is made up of soft lines and hard angles, alluding to a milk and honeycomb combination. 

milk&honey ampersand@2x-100.jpg

Web Application

What Milk & Honey Market's online experience could feel like. Feminine, photo-heavy, and a touch of hand-drawn whimsy.


Café Extension

Eventually, shoppers can enjoy some free trade coffee at the Milk & Honey Café, an extension of the brick and mortar boutique.